Reinhard Gregor Kratz

Historisches und biblisches Israel

Drei Überblicke zum Alten Testament
[Historical and Biblical Israel. Three Essays on the Old Testament. 2nd Edition.]
2nd edition; 2017. XLIII, 367 pages.
Published in German.
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"This collection of studies offers a valuable tool for both the researcher at university and everyone interested in the subject. In a reader-friendly style, Reinhard Kratz makes the new evidence in Hebrew Bible studies accessible and bridges the gap between archaeological and theological research that is neglected or blurred too often."Anja Klein in The Expository Times 126 (7) (2015), p. 352"This book marvellously—and refreshingly, from a German perspective—defines the issues confronting biblical historical scholarship a century and more after Wellhausen. Kratz turns our attention away from the rather boring and even misconceived topic of 'Israelite origins' to the fascinating and much more relevant issue of the origins of a philosophy/religion/culture that came (probably from the Hasmonean period onwards) to be called 'Judaism', but in fact constitutes the cradle of three of our contemporary religions."Philip Davies in Journal of Semitic Studies 61 (2), 2016, pp. 534-536