David Chapman Harris

Holy War Discourses in 1QM and John's Apocalypse

A Comparative Study

[Reden zum Heiligen Krieg in 1QM und der Johannesapokalypse. Eine vergleichende Studie.]

2024. Approx. 250 pages.
forthcoming in May

Wissenschaftliche Untersuchungen zum Neuen Testament 2. Reihe

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ISBN 978-3-16-162428-5
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Published in English.
In this study, David Chapman Harris offers an in-depth examination of the Qumran War Scroll (1QM) alongside John's Apocalypse, which takes the concept of Holy War into consideration. The author delineates between ancient Jewish and nascent Christian apocalyptic and theological sensibilities, and breaks the conventional barrier between Qumran studies and New Testament studies.
In this study, David Chapman Harris compares the Qumran War Scroll with John's Apocalypse through the lens of the literary and ideological theme of Holy War. Using sound literary analysis, close exegetical readings and comparison, historical analysis, and hypothetical reconstruction, the author justifies reading Revelation as a War Scroll, providing grounding to an ongoing debate. He argues that Revelation's Christological dimension has a distinctive impact on Holy War discourse, inflicting the martyr theology of Revelation.
Survey of contents
1. Setting up a Comparative Reading
2. Frameworks and Influences – Structures of Comparison: A Systematic Comparative Reading Part 1
3. The World of 1QM and Revelation: A Systematic Comparative Reading Part 2
4. Descriptions of the Holy War: A Systematic Comparative Reading Part 3
5. Concluding Perspectives

David Chapman Harris Born 1969; 2022 PhD (University of South Africa); independent scholar based in the USA and Israel.


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