Sebastian Koch

Identitätskrisen nach dem Ende des Britischen Empire

Zur kulturellen Neu-Verortung in Kanada, Australien und Aotearoa Neuseeland
[Identity Crises following the End of the British Empire. The Cultural Relocation in Canada, Australia and Aotearoa, New Zealand.]
2023. XIII, 509 pages.
DOI 10.1628/978-3-16-161481-1
Sponsored by: SFB 923
Published in German.
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Following the end of the British Empire and Great Britain's orientation toward Europe, the concepts of order which had been characterized by settler colonialism were outdated. Sebastian Koch studies the cultural coping strategies which became necessary in the former 'white' settler colonies in Canada, Australia and Aotearoa New Zealand due to the threat to their British-oriented collective identity. Which concepts of identity and culture were sustainable, and which were not (any longer)?

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