Georg Fischer

Jeremiah Studies

From Text and Contexts to Theology

[Studien zu Jeremia. Von Text und Kontexten zur Theologie.]

2020. VIII, 412 pages.

Forschungen zum Alten Testament 139

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Recent research on the Book of Jeremiah reveals it as a meta-text. Georg Fischer shows that in dealing with earlier writings and using the example of the fall of Jerusalem in 587 BC at the end of the Persian period, the book offers a synthesis and its own view of biblical faith in Jhwh.
Research on the Book of Jeremiah has gained momentum in the past forty years and led to new results. The differences between the MT and the LXX have received more attention than ever. The extent of Deuteronomistic thinking and of redactions marks the debate on the composition of the book. It has become evident that the Book of Jeremiah intensively picks up earlier sources and offers a synthesis of them, comparable to a mosaic. It concentrates on the downfall of Jerusalem, conceives anew the prophet's role in the figure of Jeremiah and portrays the biblical God in a unique way. This collection of studies by Georg Fischer from the past ten years imparts insights into the recent discussions about the Book of Jeremiah.

Georg Fischer Born 1954; 1988 PhD from the Pontifical Biblical Institute in Rome; 1993 Habilitation on Jer 30–31; since 1995 full professor for Old Testament Bible Studies and Ancient Near Eastern Languages at the Theological Faculty of the Leopold-Franzens-University in Innsbruck.


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