Steven James Stiles

Jesus' Fulfilment of the Torah and Prophets

Inherited Strategies and Torah Interpretation in Matthew's Gospel

[Die Erfüllung der Thora und der Propheten durch Jesus. Vererbte Strategien und Thora-Auslegung im Matthäus-Evangelium.]

2023. Approx. 290 pages.
forthcoming in July

Wissenschaftliche Untersuchungen zum Neuen Testament 2. Reihe

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Steven James Stiles compares Jesus' teaching about the Torah in Matthew's Gospel with the way ancient Jews wrote about and interpreted the Torah. He finds that there are many similarities which help explain the significance of Matthew's depiction of Jesus as the ultimate authority on the Torah.
Steven James Stiles examines Jesus' teaching about the Torah in the Gospel according to Matthew as a participant and contributor to the larger phenomenon of writing texts about the Torah in Second Temple Judaism. In this light, Matthew's presentation of Jesus and his teaching concerning the Torah align well with other interpretation strategies and patterns in Second Temple Judaism. Jesus' teaching on the Torah also addresses many of the same concerns other Jewish groups in antiquity had for following the Torah properly. This approach to examining Torah interpretation in Matthew's Gospel highlights the shared concerns and assumptions between Jesus followers and other Jewish groups in antiquity. It also provides significant insight into Matthew's depiction of Jesus as Israel's Davidic-Messianic and ultimate teacher of all things concerning the kingdom of heaven.
Survey of contents
Chapter 1: Introduction
Chapter 2: Torah Interpretation in Second Temple Judaism
Chapter 3: Matthew's Gospel Inflected by Destruction
Chapter 4: Mosaic Discourse
Chapter 5: Jesus' Torah Interpretation in the Controversy Stories
Chapter 6: Biography and Legitimising the Lawgiver
Chapter 7: Matthew, Biographical Writing, and Legitimisation
Chapter 8: Conclusion

Steven James Stiles Born 1987; 2011 MA in Biblical and Theological Studies, Western Seminary; 2013 ThM, Western Seminary; 2018 PhD in New Testament Language, Literature, and Theology, University of Edinburgh; adjunct professor at Western Seminary in San Jose, CA.


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