Jewish Studies

Annette Yoshiko Reed

Jewish-Christianity and the History of Judaism

Collected Essays

[Judenchristentum und die Geschichte des Judentums.]

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In Late Antiquity, some texts and sects continued to express a commitment to both Judaism and Jesus. Traditionally, these materials have been studied as part of Christianity's early diversity. Collecting revised versions of published articles together with new materials, Annette Yoshiko Reed reconsiders »Jewish-Christianity« in the context of Jewish studies.
»Jewish-Christianity« is a contested category in current research. But for precisely this reason, it may offer a powerful lens through which to rethink the history of Jewish/Christian relations. Traditionally, Jewish-Christianity has been studied as part of the origins and early diversity of Christianity. Collecting revised versions of previously published articles together with new materials, Annette Yoshiko Reed reconsiders Jewish-Christianity in the context of Late Antiquity and in conversation with Jewish studies. She brings further attention to understudied texts and traditions from Late Antiquity that do not fit neatly into present day notions of Christianity as distinct from Judaism. In the process, she uses these materials to probe the power and limits of our modern assumptions about religion and identity.

Annette Yoshiko Reed Born 1973; BA from McGill University; MTS from Harvard Divinity School; MA and PhD from Princeton University; currently Associate Professor in the Skirball Department of Hebrew and Judaic Studies and the Program in Religious Studies at New York University.


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