James Carleton Paget

Jews, Christians and Jewish Christians in Antiquity

[Juden, Christen und jüdische Christen in der Antike.]

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James Carleton Paget studies the Jewish-Christian relations in antiquity, Judaism as it emerged in the second century in the wake of much turbulence and difficulty, and Jewish Christianity. In an introductory essay the author attempts to set out the main fault lines of recent study in all three areas.
The book, which consists of some previously published and unpublished essays, examines a variety of issues relevant to the study of ancient Judaism and Christianity and their interaction, including polemic, proselytism, biblical interpretation, messianism, the phenomenon normally described as Jewish Christianity, and the fate of the Jewish community after the Bar Kokhba revolt, a period of considerable importance for the emergence not only of Judaism but also of Christianity. The volume, typically for a collection of essays, does not lay out a particular thesis. If anything binds the collection together, it is the author's attempt to set out the major fault lines in current debate about these disputed subjects, and in the process to reveal their complex and entangled character.

James Carleton Paget Born 1966; 1992 PhD at Cambridge University; currently Senior Lecturer in New Testament Studies at the University of Cambridge and a Fellow and Tutor of Peterhouse.


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