Gary N. Knoppers

Judah and Samaria in Postmonarchic Times

Essays on Their Histories and Literatures

[Judah und Samaria in postmonarchischen Zeiten. Aufsätze zu ihrer Geschichte und Literatur.]

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Published in English.
In eleven historical, literary, and theological essays, Gary N. Knoppers elucidates the shifting character of Judean-Samarian relations in Persian, Hellenistic, and Roman times. Engaging history, law, and narrative, these essays are vital to understanding early Jewish and Samaritan religion and scriptural interpretation.
Focusing on Judean-Samarian interactions in Persian, Hellenistic, and Roman times, Gary N. Knoppers explores both commonalities and differences, rivalries and relationships, as these communities engaged one another in greater depth and complexity than scholars have previously thought. Some essays elucidate archaeological and epigraphic discoveries (Jerusalem, Mt. Gerizim excavations and inscriptions), while others illumine Jewish (Ezra, Chronicles, Josephus, Pseudo-Philo) and Samaritan (Samaritan 10th commandment, the Chronicon Samaritanum) literary texts. How Judeans and Samarians responded to competing claims to Israel's past by reinterpreting shared scriptures is a unifying theme in these eleven studies.

Gary N. Knoppers (1956–2018) 1979 BA; 1982 M.Div.; 1986 MA; 1988 PhD; 2003–04 president of the Canadian Society of Biblical Studies; 2009–11 President of the Biblical Colloquium; 2014–18 John A. O'Brien Professor of Theology at the University of Notre Dame.


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