Eric J. Beck

Justice and Mercy in the Apocalypse of Peter

A New Translation and Analysis of the Purpose of the Text

[Gerechtigkeit und Gnade in der Petrusapokalypse. Eine neue Übersetzung und Untersuchung der Absicht des Textes.]

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Published in English.
In this study, Eric J. Beck presents a new translation of the Apocalypse of Peter that, for the first time, uses all available manuscript evidence. He also offers the first sustained analysis of the primary purpose of the text.
The Apocalypse of Peter, best known for its tour of hell, was a popular text in Early Christianity, but is largely neglected today. Eric J. Beck attempts to bring new life to the study of this text by challenging current assumptions regarding its manuscript tradition and primary purpose. By undertaking the first comparative analysis utilising all available manuscript evidence, the author creates a new translation of the text that at times advocates for the reliability of the oft neglected Akhmīm fragment. He then offers the first detailed analysis of the text in order to ascertain the purpose of the document. In so doing, he argues against a monitory interpretation of the text. Instead, Eric J. Beck suggests the text uses an integrated understanding of justice and mercy that is meant to encourage its readers to have compassion on those who receive punishment in the afterlife.

Eric J. Beck Born 1988; studied Scripture and Theology at the University of Saint Andrews and Christian Origins at the University of Edinburgh; currently Fellow with the Centre for Advanced Studies »Beyond Canon« at the University of Regensburg.


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