Raphael Pompl

Kapazitätssicherung im europäisierten Stromwirtschaftsrecht

Die Absicherung der Stromerzeugung in den Mitgliedstaaten durch Kapazitätsmechanismen am Beispiel Deutschlands, Frankreichs und Großbritanniens
[Capacity Maintenance in the Europeanised Electricity Law. Safeguarding Electricity Production in EU Member States through Capacity Mechanisms, instancing Germany, France, and Great Britain.]
2019. XXVI, 410 pages.
DOI 10.1628/978-3-16-156797-1
Published in German.
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The switch to sources of renewable energy prone to fluctuation finds Europe's electricity industries in a state of flux. To ensure security of supply, member states have introduced capacity mechanisms, which, however, raise a plethora of questions for European and constitutional law.

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