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Stein, Jonas

Kommentar zur Zivilprozessordnung

Band 9: §§ 916-945b; 960-1024; EGZPO; GVG
[Commentary on the Code of Civil Procedure. Volume 9: §§ 916-1024; EGZPO; GVG.]
23rd edition; 2020. XL, 805 pages.
Published in German.
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  • 978-3-16-152904-7
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The numerous amendments that have been made to a large number of the norms covered in Volume 9 of the Stein/Jonas Commentary on the Code of Civil Procedure have led to considerable revisions being made for the latest edition of this standard work. These changes now bring sections 916-945b as well as those on the German Courts Constitution Act (GVG) and the Introductory Act to the Civil Procedure Code (EGZPO) up to date with the latest judgements and literature. While Alexander Bruns provides a thorough commentary on preliminary legal proceedings, Matthias Jacobs deals with the GVG as the core of the judicial constitution and also turns his attention to the EGZPO.