Kreativität denken

Herausgegeben von Andreas Großmann
[Thinking Creativity.]
2020. VIII, 247 pages.
Published in German.
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  • 978-3-16-157532-7
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Although there is talk today of creativity in all conceivable contexts, its exact characteristics and how it is manifested still need to be clarified with regard to both the necessary structural contexts – the conditions required to create creativity, as it were – as well as the »logic« and form of creative practices. It seems obvious that creative processes do not just emerge from nowhere, but instead presuppose something (whatever that may be) which they transform, reform or revolutionise – without these processes themselves being reduced to regularly learnable and reproducible knowledge. It is in this way that creativity lives on indeterminacy and points to open-ended possibilities. The contributions in this volume look at the topic from a variety of perspectives.