Kritischer Rationalismus und Einzelwissenschaften 978-3-16-155522-0 - Mohr Siebeck

Kritischer Rationalismus und Einzelwissenschaften

Zum Einfluss des Kritischen Rationalismus auf die Grundlagendebatten
Hrsg. v. Eric Hilgendorf

[Critical Rationalism and Individual Disciplines. On the Influence of Critical Rationalism on Foundational Debates.]

2017. VIII, 210 pages.
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ISBN 978-3-16-155522-0
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Published in German.
In times of »fake news« and »alternative facts«, critically appraising social sciences' fundaments has become more important than ever. The work of Hans Albert offers an excellent introduction for doing just that. This volume presents the contributions delivered at a conference marking Albert's ninety-fifth birthday and during which the influence of Critical Rationalism on these disciplines was discussed.
On February 5, 2016, Hans Albert turned ninety-five years of age. To mark the occasion, a conference was held in his presence in Würzburg on the topic »Critical Rationalism and the Individual Disciplines«, during which the influence of critical rationalism on other disciplines was discussed. Critical rationalism, formulated by Karl Popper through his contentions with the Vienna (and Berlin) Circle of thinkers and elaborated by him in many details, was systematically defined by Hans Albert and, going far beyond the theory of science, was construed as a »design of a way of life«, which joins the insight into the very restricted scope of our knowledge with a lifeward model of »construction and critique".
Survey of contents
Volker Gadenne: Die Normen der Wissenschaft: Hans Alberts Deutung der Methodologie – Herbert Keuth: Hans Albert und Karl Popper. Gemeinsamkeiten und Unterschiede – Eric Hilgendorf: Kritischer Rationalismus und Positivismus – Gert Albert: Kritischer Rationalismus und die Soziologie – Reinhard Neck: Kritischer Rationalismus und die Nationalökonomie – Armin Engländer: Kritischer Rationalismus und die Jurisprudenz – Evelyn Gröbl-Steinbach Schuster: Ist Kritische Rationalität eine Weltanschauung? – Franz Josef Wetz: Kritischer Rationalismus und Menschenwürde – Harald Stelzer: Brückenprinzipien – Hans-Joachim Petsch: Das Immunsystem der Theologie
Hans Albert: Meine Philosophischen Auffassungen (2017)

Eric Hilgendorf ist Ordinarius für Strafrecht, Strafprozessrecht, Rechtstheorie, Informationsrecht und Rechtsinformatik an der Universität Würzburg.


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