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Living Bodies, Dead Bodies, and the Cosmos

Culturally Specific and Universal Concepts
Edited by Chiara Ferella, Tanja Pommerening and Ulrike Steinert
[Lebendige Körper, tote Körper und der Kosmos. Kulturspezifische und universale Konzepte.]
2024. Approx. 480 pages.
forthcoming in September 2024
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  • 978-3-16-160085-2
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Which concepts about humans, their physical existence, and the world are universal, and which are culturally specific and historically diverse? This volume presents sixteen case studies from a range of disciplines, including psychology and history, which delve into concepts related to the living body, the dead body, and the cosmos found in the cultural traditions of different eras and world regions, from ancient times to the present.

Ancient Cultures of Sciences and Knowledge (ASK)