Julie Newberry

Lukan Joy and the Life of Discipleship

A Narrative Analysis of the Conditions That Lead to Joy According to Luke

[Die lukanische Freude und das Leben der Jüngerschaft. Eine narrative Analyse der Bedingungen, die nach Lukas zur Freude führen.]

2022. XIX, 535 pages.
forthcoming in December

Wissenschaftliche Untersuchungen zum Neuen Testament 2. Reihe 583

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Julie Newberry examines the dispositions, circumstances, practices, and commitments that lead to joy in Luke's Gospel. Tracing the roles of divine action and human receptivity, the author clarifies why Luke portrays joy as praiseworthy or blameworthy.
In this study, Julie Newberry advances scholarship on emotions in biblical literature by examining the conditions − that is, the circumstances, dispositions, practices, and commitments − that lead to joy in Luke's narrative. Focused primarily on the Gospel, the author traces joy's interconnection with the wider life of discipleship, using an eclectically interdisciplinary approach that foregrounds literary-theological and intertextual analysis. Julie Newberry argues that, for Luke, the conditions that facilitate appropriate joy include both divine action to bring about joy-conducive circumstances and human receptivity. The latter is bound up with factors such as properly oriented hope, trust, and the generous use of possessions, rendering intelligible Luke's portrayal of joy as mandatory, praiseworthy, or blameworthy in particular circumstances.
Survey of contents
1. Introduction
2. Awaiting Joyous Circumstances and Welcoming Them with Joy: Joy in the Lukan Infancy Narrative
3. Joy in Discipleship: Rejoicing in Jesus's Teaching and Ministry
4. Joy-according-to-Luke and the Way to the Cross (Luke 19:28–22:49)
5. Awaiting and Receiving Joy, Again (and Again): Joy on Easter, Joy after the Ascension, and the Conditions for Joy-according-to-Luke (Luke 23:50–24:53; Acts 1–2:41)
6. Conclusion: The Conditions that Lead to Joy-according-to-Luke

Julie Newberry Born 1986; 2008 BA in English and Humanities, Biola University; 2011 MA in English, Texas A&M University; 2014 MDiv, Duke University Divinity School; 2020 PhD in New Testament, Duke University; currently assistant professor of New Testament at Wheaton College (IL).


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