Gerhard Ebeling

Luthers Seelsorge

Theologie in der Vielfalt der Lebenssituationen an seinen Briefen dargestellt

[Luther's Pastoral Care. Theology in a Variety of Situations as Depicted in His Letters. Student edition. By Gerhard Ebeling.]

1997. VIII, 511 pages.
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ISBN 978-3-16-147159-9
Published in German.
Luther's Pastoral Care. Theology in a Variety of Situations as Depicted in His Letters. Student edition. By Gerhard Ebeling.
Gerhard Ebeling gives a detailed interpretation of Luther's letters, facilitating an understanding of their theological content, hitherto an area which had seldom been studied. Ebeling's interpretation focuses on the relationship between the reality of Luther's life and his theology which was geared toward pastoral care. Since the letters are so closely linked with the reality of his life they can become a source of a non-speculative theology. Thus the subject here is Luther's theology as whole, not as a system, but rather presented as a variety of possibilities of how to act in characteristic situations.

Gerhard Ebeling (1912–2001) 1938 Promotion; 1947 Habilitation; 1962 Gründer des Zürcher Instituts für Hermeneutik; langjähriger Professor für Kirchengeschichte bzw. Systematische Theologie in Tübingen und Zürich; von 1959–1989 Präsident der Kommission zur Herausgabe der Werke Martin Luthers.


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