Justin Buol

Martyred for the Church

Memorializations of the Effective Deaths of Bishop Martyrs in the Second Century CE

[Für die Kirche gemartert. Erinnerungen an die wirkmächtigen Tode bischöflicher Märtyrer im zweiten Jahrhundert n.Chr.]

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Justin Buol draws on Greco-Roman and biblical accounts of leaders' beneficial deaths for their followers in order to argue that second-century accounts of bishops' martyrdoms portray the bishops as dying to unite, strengthen, and protect the Church from the dangers of false belief.
In this study, Justin Buol analyzes the writings connected with the deaths of Ignatius of Antioch, Polycarp of Smyrna, and Pothinus of Lyons in light of earlier accounts of the noble deaths of military, political, and religious leaders from Greco-Roman literature and the Bible, which record benefits accruing to a group on account of its leader's death. The author argues that the accounts of these three bishops' martyrdoms draw upon those prior models in order to portray the bishops as dying to unite, protect, and strengthen the Church, oppose false teaching and apostasy, and solidify the teaching role of the episcopal office. Finally, by providing a foundation for Irenaeus to argue for apostolic succession, these second-century bishop martyrs also help form a lasting contribution to the growth of episcopal power.

Justin Buol Born 1983; 2005 BA in Biblical and Theological Studies, Bethel University; 2007 MA in New Testament, Trinity Evangelical Divinity School; 2009 MA in Classical and Near Eastern Studies, University of Minnesota; 2017 PhD in Christianity and Judaism in Antiquity, University of Notre Dame; currently an adjunct professor at Bethel University.


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