Jewish Studies

Anat Israeli

Massekhet Qiddushin Chapter 4

Volume III/7/d. Text, Translation, and Commentary
In collaboration with Esther Fisher and Inbar Raveh

[Massekhet Qiddushin Kapitel 4. Band III/7/d. Text, Übersetzung und Kommentar.]

2021. X, 304 pages.
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ISBN 978-3-16-159896-8
Published in English.
The last chapter of the Tractate Qiddushin is devoted to »betrothals« and deals with Jewish genealogies and seclusions between members of the opposite sex. Anat Israeli presents the first feminist commentary on this text and analyses it based on extensive feminist theory and scholarship.
Anat Israeli presents the first feminist commentary in the series on a chapter from the »Order of Women.« She discusses the last chapter of Tractate Qiddushin, devoted to »betrothals.« Chapter 4 deals in general with two major topics: the first is Jewish genealogies (what parts the mother and father play in deciding who is a Jew and who can marry whom). The second topic is about forbidden seclusions between members of the opposite sex (since they can bring about promiscuity, adultery and other unwanted sexual contacts). In this study, Anat Israeli and her collaborators first analyze the Mishnah and show what its authors had considered important about these two topics, and then they show how the emphases had shifted on the way between the land of the Mishnah (Israel) and the land of the Talmud (Babylonia).

Anat Israeli Born 1957; 1984 BA; 1987 MA; 1994 PhD; 1999–2003 Lecturer at the University of Haifa; 2003–15 Tenure at Oranim College; 2015–19 Senior Lecturer at Oranim College; 2019 retired.

Esther Fisher Born 1965; currently Head of the »Ein Hanatziv« Seminar.

Inbar Raveh Born 1967; currently Senior Lecturer in the Department of Hebrew Literature, Al-Qasemi College.


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