Max Weber

Max Weber-Gesamtausgabe

Band II/7,2: Briefe 1911–1912
Hrsg. v. M. Rainer Lepsius u. Wolfgang J. Mommsen, unter Mitarb. v. Birgit Rudhard u. Manfred Schön
[Max Weber. Letters 1911–1912. Published in Two Parts. Edited by M. Rainer Lepsius, Wolfgang J. Mommsen with the assistance of Birgit Rudhard and Manfred Schön.]
1998. XXV, 580 pages.
Published in German.
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»Does the correspondence provide new access to Weber's intellectual biography and his contributions to science? The answer must be an emphatic yes. ... In the last analysis his letters are valuable, then, not merely as documentation of the period, or of the Bildungsbürgertum, or of the origins of social science. They also show the mind at work and the engagements of the soul. They record intense struggles with self and world, and tell us what it can mean to live the life of the mind.«
Lawrence A. Scaff in Contemporary Sociology vol. 25 (1996), no. 4, p. 469–471