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Max Weber

Max Weber-Gesamtausgabe

Band I/23: Wirtschaft und Gesellschaft. Soziologie. Unvollendet. 1919-1920
Edited by Knut Borchardt, Edith Hanke and Wolfgang Schluchter
[Volume I/23: Economy and Society. Sociology. Unfinished. 1919-1920.]
2013. XXVI, 847 pages.
Published in German.
  • half-leather bound
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  • 978-3-16-150294-1
Max Weber's Economy and Society is not a book in parts, but a project in versions. One version was conceived and written down before World War I, one after the war. This post-war version, partly based on the pre-war version, contains four chapters and is presented here with an introduction, an editorial report and extensive commentaries as well as with proofs, carrying partly Weber's handwritten corrections.