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Max Weber

Max Weber-Gesamtausgabe

Band III/6: Abriß der universalen Sozial- und Wirtschaftsgeschichte. Mit- und Nachschriften 1919-1920
Edited by Wolfgang Schluchter and Joachim Schröder
[An Outline of General Social and Economic History. Volume III/6: Outline of Universal Social and Economic History. Lecture Notes and Transcripts 1919-1920.]
2011. XIII, 664 pages.
Published in German.
  • half-leather bound
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  • 978-3-16-151038-0
The major text presented in this volume appeared in English in 1927 as Max Weber's General Economic History. It is, however, not an original Weber text, but a reconstruction of a lecture delivered during the winter term 1919/20. In this volume of the Max Weber-Gesamtausgabe, the reconstruction is presented in a historical-critical manner and combined with lecture notes by students unpublished till now.