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Anna Kaehlbrandt

Mehrpersonenverhältnisse im Schiedsverfahren

Zur subjektiven Erweiterung des deutschen Schiedsverfahrensrechts unter Berücksichtigung der verfassungsrechtlichen Dimension
[Multi-Party Disputes in Arbitration. The Subjective Extension of German Arbitration Law with regard to the Constitutional Dimension.]
2024. XXV, 373 pages.
DOI 10.1628/978-3-16-163275-4
Published in German.
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Anna Kaehlbrandt examines how the users of arbitration can depict multi-party disputes in arbitration proceedings in accordance with the law. The starting point for this undertaking has to be the constitutional dimension of arbitration. How this dimension impacts the possibilities and limitations of multi-party disputes in arbitration is the subject of the thesis.

Veröffentlichungen zum Verfahrensrecht (VVerfR)