Messiah, the Healer of the Sick 978-3-16-148165-9 - Mohr Siebeck

Lidija Novakovic

Messiah, the Healer of the Sick

A Study of Jesus as the Son of David in the Gospel of Matthew

[Der Messias als Heiler der Kranken. Eine Untersuchung zur Sohn Davids-Christologie im Matthäusevangelium.]

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Even though it is a well-known axiom that the Davidic Messiah was expected neither to do miracles nor to be a healer, Jesus in the Gospel of Matthew is addressed with the messianic title »Son of David« almost exclusively within the context of his healing activity. Lidija Novakovic tries to uncover the rationale of this extraordinary connection and claims that it can be found in Matthew's own skillful biblical interpretation.
Lidija Novakovic offers an explanation of the remarkable link found in the Gospel of Matthew between the royal messianic title »Son of David« attributed to Jesus and his miracles of healing. There is no doubt that this represents a Christian development, because there is no extant early Jewish text that portrays the Davidic Messiah as a miracle worker. Yet, given the predominantly Jewish character of Matthew's Gospel, the origin of the concept of the healing Messiah should still be sought in the traditions of the Second Temple Judaism. The underlying principle of Matthew's portrayal of Jesus, however, cannot be found in the traditions about Solomon as an exorcist or healer, or about the eschatological prophet like Moses. Rather, the intelligibility of the healing Messiah is secured through Matthew's own skillful interpretation of selected biblical passages, especially from the Book of Isaiah.

Lidija Novakovic Born 1955; 2002 Ph.D. in Biblical Studies (New Testament) from Princeton Theological Seminary; currently Assistant Professor of Biblical and Theological Studies at Bethel College, St. Paul.


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