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Sonja Heitzer

Messing with the Regulator

Gerichtliche Verwaltungskontrolle als Herausforderung am Beispiel des Bankenaufsichtsrechts und des Telekommunikationsrechts
[Messing with the Regulator. Judicial Review as a Challenge in Banking Supervision and Telecommunication.]
2023. XXVI, 391 pages.
Published in German.
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  • 978-3-16-162312-7
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»Don't mess with the regulator« is legal advice often followed by businesses that sees them accept administrative decisions without complaint because it is more attractive than seeking judicial review. The area of banking supervision, for example, is notorious for its low level of legal action. Sonja Heitzer investigates why seeking legal protection is such a challenge, identifying speed, specialization, secrecy, reputation, and informality as important factors.

Studien zum Regulierungsrecht (SRR)