Modern German Non-Positivism 978-3-16-159093-1 - Mohr Siebeck

Modern German Non-Positivism

From Radbruch to Alexy
Edited by Martin Borowski

[Moderner deutscher Nichtpositivismus. Von Radbruch zu Alexy.]

2019. VI, 294 pages.
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This volume explores the two most influential non-positivistic German legal philosophies – Gustav Radbruch's neo-Kantian non-positivism from the 1930s and 1940s and Robert Alexy's contemporary approach, analytical non-positivism.
The relation between law and morality has been at the heart of legal philosophy for millennia. This book is devoted to the two most influential German natural law approaches, Gustav Radbruch's neo-Kantian non-positivism from the 1930s and 1940s and Robert Alexy's contemporary analytical non-positivism. The Radbruch Formula, so vital to the attempt to surmount the consequences of the regime of the National Socialists and of the socialist regime of the 'German Democratic Republic', has attracted significant international attention. Robert Alexy has analyzed the problem of law and morality with his distinct analytical approach over the last three decades and comes to a conclusion that echoes the Radbruch Formula: 'Extreme injustice is no law.' The contributions compare and contrast these two much discussed German approaches to the issue of a necessary connection between law and morality.
Survey of contents
Robert Alexy: Gustav Radbruchs Rechtsbegriff – Andreas Funke: Abschied von der Positivismus/Nicht-Positivismus-Schablone? Zugleich: hermeneutische Potentiale in der Rechtsphilosophie Gustav Radbruchs – Carsten Bäcker: Legal Certainty or Justice. From Radbruch's Formula. Back to the Primacy of Legal Certainty – Julio Aguiar de Oliveira: Radbruch's Formula and Judicial Decision-Making – Martin Borowski: Die Radbruchsche Formel und die Menschenrechte – Jan-Reinard Sieckmann: Gustav Radbruch und Robert Alexy: Gemeinsamkeiten und Differenzen – Julian Rivers: The Reception of Robert Alexy's Work in Anglo-American Jurisprudence – Alejandro Nava Tovar: Contemporary German Non-Positivism. Robert Alexy and the Rehabilitation of Moral Correctness – Alexandre Travessoni Gomes Trivisonno: Der Begriff des extremen Unrechts und der subinklusive Nichtpositivismus – Volker Haas: A Critical Appraisal of Robert Alexy's Non-Positivistic Concept of Law – Ruben Hartwig: Die Sonderfallthese im System der Rechtsphilosophie Robert Alexys. 40 Jahre Theorie der juristischen Argumentation – Po-Jung Su: Eine Kritik an Robert Alexys Begründung der positiven Menschenrechte. Das Erkenntnisproblem und das Demokratieargument – Peter Koller: Rechtsgeltung, Normativität und Moral – Kenneth Winston: The Ideal Element in Law Revisited – Hubert Rottleuthner: Die Vermessung von Recht und Moral – Deryck Beyleveld/Roger Brownsword: Is There Really Anything Wrong with an Absolute Principle?

Martin Borowski is Professor for Public Law, Constitutional Theory, and Legal Philosophy at the University of Heidelberg.


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