Moderner Kapitalismus

Wirtschafts- und unternehmenshistorische Beiträge
Herausgegeben von Jan-Otmar Hesse, Christian Kleinschmidt, Roman Köster u. Tim Schanetzky
[Modern Capitalism. Contributions from Economic and Business History.]
2019. IX, 518 pages.
Published in German.
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  • 978-3-16-158239-4
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The concept of capitalism is a hot potato: prosperity for the masses, population growth, technological progress in industry and agriculture, the destruction of the environment, social inequality and war – all have been frequently linked to it in recent heated discussions. And while there are those who see the phenomenon of capitalism as an imperialist aberration in European history that they would dearly like to reverse, this collection of essays aims to grasp and frame the actual history of capitalism and its mechanisms.

Die Einheit der Gesellschaftswissenschaften im 21. Jahrhundert (EdG21)