Monotheism in Late Prophetic and Early Apocalyptic Literature 978-3-16-153240-5 - Mohr Siebeck

Monotheism in Late Prophetic and Early Apocalyptic Literature

Studies of the Sofja Kovalevskaja Research Group on Early Jewish Monotheism Vol. III
Ed. by Nathan MacDonald and Ken Brown

[Monotheismus in später prophetischer und früher apokalyptischer Literatur. Studien der Sofja- Kovalevskaja Forschungsgruppe zu frühjüdischem Monotheismus Band III.]

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The authors of this volume fill a need for a close examination of the diverse ways in which monotheism was portrayed in late prophetic and early apocalyptic Jewish literature. Adopting a range of approaches, they show that faith in a single God was no static belief, but closely tied to a host of other concerns and practices that shape its portrayal in diverse and distinctive ways.
Discussion of early Jewish monotheism has focused on its origins in earlier Israelite religion, while its development in late prophetic and early apocalyptic literature has received little attention. Yet the reflections of the concept of monotheism in these works are much more diverse than is generally recognized. This literature reflects a lively debate over the implications of Yhwh's supremacy, which extend to the full range of religious and socio-political experience. The authors of this volume explore that diversity by focusing on how particular texts and themes embody and shape the emerging concept of monotheism. Tackling issues ranging from divine violence to dualism, international relations to idolatry, these studies not only emphasize the diverse ways in which Yhwh's supremacy is portrayed in late prophetic and early apocalyptic literature, but also illustrate the necessity of adopting a range of methodological approaches to the problem.
Survey of contents
Ken Brown/Nathan MacDonald: Introduction – Ulrich Berges/Bernd Obermayer: Divine Violence in the Book of Isaiah – Bernd Schipper: 'The City by the Sea will be a Drying Place': Isaiah 19.1–25 in Light of Prophetic Texts from Ptolemaic Egypt – Mark S. Gignilliat: Who is a God like You? Refracting the One God in Jonah, Micah and Nahum – Lena-Sofia Tiemeyer: YHWH, the Divine Beings and Zechariah 1–6 – Nathan MacDonald: The Beginnings of One-ness Theology in Late Israelite Prophetic Literature – Reinhard Achenbach: Monotheistischer Universalismus und frühe Formen eines Völkerrechts in prophetischen Texten Israels aus achämenidischer Zeit – Jakob Wöhrle: The God(s) of the Nations in Late Prophecy – John J. Collins: Cognitive Dissonance and Eschatological Violence: Fantasized Solutions to a Theological Dilemma in Second Temple Judaism – Stefan Beyerle: Monotheism, Angelology, and Dualism in Ancient Jewish Apocalyptic Writings – Jennie Grillo: Worship and Idolatry in the Book of Daniel through the Lens of Tertullian's De idololatria

Ken Brown Born 1982; 2010 MA in Biblical Studies; 2014 Dr. theol. at Georg-August-Universität Göttingen; currently teaching at Whitworth University (Spokane, WA, USA).

Nathan MacDonald Born 1975; studied theology and classical Hebrew in Cambridge and Durham; currently University Lecturer in Hebrew Bible at the University of Cambridge and Fellow of St John's College.


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