Narratologie und Intertextualität

Zugänge zu spätantiken Text-Welten
Herausgegeben von Christoph Brunhorn, Peter Gemeinhardt und Maria Munkholt Christensen
[Narratology and Intertextuality. Entering into Late Antique Textual Worlds.]
2020. XII, 191 pages.
Published in German.
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  • 978-3-16-159191-4
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How is it possible to tell a story about holiness? The contributions in this volume explore narrative strategies in late antique saints' lives and investigate the connections between these texts and other Christian and Greco-Roman literature. Models borrowed from current narratological research and studies in intertextuality are employed and developed further in relation to saints' lives.

Studies in Education and Religion in Ancient and Pre-Modern History in the Mediterranean and Its Environs (SERAPHIM)