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Ein Lehr- und Studienbuch
Edited by Thomas Kirchhoff, Nicole C. Karafyllis, Dirk Evers, Brigitte Falkenburg, Myriam Gerhard, Gerald Hartung, Jürgen Hübner, Kristian Köchy, Ulrich Krohs, Thomas Potthast, Otto Schäfer, Gregor Schiemann, Magnus Schlette, Reinhard Schulz and Frank Vogelsang
[Philosophy of Nature. A Text and Study Book. 2nd edition.]
2nd up-dated and reviewed edition; 2020. XVII, 368 pages.
Published in German.
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  • 978-3-8252-5382-0
What is nature, and what could it be? These questions rank among the most discussed topics of intellectual history. This textbook provides philosophical insights into nature from antiquity up to the present day, and, at the same time, revitalizes the tradition of »philosophy of nature«.