Thomas Tops

Paroimia and Parrēsia in the Gospel of John

A Historical-Hermeneutical Study

[Paroimia und Parrēsia im Johannesevangelium. Eine historisch-hermeneutische Studie.]

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Thomas Tops examines the complexity of Johannine language. In the past it was described as contradictory, obscure, confusing, and mysterious. By reading John's use of paroimia and parrēsia in its ancient rhetorical and philosophical context, the author provides a historical approach to the Johannine language.
The language of the Gospel of John is known for its complexity. On the basis of the modern standards of transparency and logic, previous scholars have depicted this language as obscure, confusing, and mysterious. Thomas Tops goes beyond these oversimplifications by providing an in-depth historical study of John's characterisation of Jesus' language with the terms paroimia and parrēsia. By providing original insights in these terms, the author offers a new perspective on the functioning of Johannine language. As the Johannine Jesus teaches both through paroimia and parrēsia, his language conceals and reveals at the same time. His criticism is veiled and calls on its addressees to search for the hidden meanings of his words. Veiled speech allows the Johannine Jesus to criticise his opponents and openly reveal his messianic identity to those who cannot accept the truth in any other way.

Thomas Tops Born 1988; studied philosophy, theology, and classics, University of Antwerp and KU Leuven; 2017−21 PhD project, PThU Groningen and KU Leuven; since 2021 post-doctoral research fellow at the Centre for Advanced Studies »Beyond Canon«, University of Regensburg, Germany.


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