Participation, Justification, and Conversion

Eastern Orthodox Interpretation of Paul and the Debate between »Old and New Perspectives on Paul«
Ed. by Athanasios Despotis

[Partizipation, Rechtfertigung und Bekehrung. Östlich-orthodoxe Interpretation des Paulus und die Debatte zwischen »alten und neuen Perspektiven auf Paulus".]

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The aim of this volume is to foster dialogue between the »New Perspective on Paul« and the Eastern Orthodox reception of Paul on an exegetical basis. Therefore, the contributions focus on texts that play a crucial role in the debate regarding participation, justification, and conversion in Paul.
The debate between the old and the new perspectives on Paul has been a focal point of Pauline studies in recent years. The exchange has, in turn, given rise to new research projects focussing on potential affinities and differences between the new perspective on Paul and Eastern Orthodox interpretation. This volume therefore takes up the discussion between Eastern Orthodox, new, and old perspectives on Paul and seeks to develop it further. The aim is to foster dialogue between the varying receptions of Paul on an exegetical basis. To this end, the contributions are focused on texts playing a crucial role in the debate regarding participation, justification and conversion in Paul. Three papers at the end provide alternative readings of Paul that go beyond the arguments of the old and new perspectives.
Survey of contents

Part I: The Real Contexts
Michael Wolter: The Reality of Faith: The Significance of Faith in the Theology of Paul – Athanasios Despotis: ὁ γὰρ ἀποθανὼν δεδικαίωται ἀπὸ τῆς ἁμαρτίας: Rethinking the Application of the Verb δικαιoῦσθαι in Baptismal Contexts from the Perspective of Rom 6:7 – Jacobus (Kobus) Kok / John Anthony Dunne: Participation in Christ and Missional Dynamics in Galatians

Part II: Orthodox Readings of the Relevant Pauline Texts
Konstantinos Nikolakopoulos: Paulus über »Gerechtigkeit« und »Rechtfertigung«. Exegetische Perspektiven unter Berücksichtigung von 1 Kor. 1,30 – Stelian Tofana: »Treasure in earthen vessels…« (2 Cor 4:7–11) – Edith Humphrey: Becoming the Righteousness of God: The Potency of the New Creation in the World (2 Cor 5:16–21) – Vasile Mihoc: Galatians 2:15–21: A Commentary Challenging the »New Perspective on Paul« – Sotirios Despotis: Eine östlich-orthodoxe Lektüre von Gal. 3,6–9.23–29 – Jack Khalil: An Interpretation of Rom 3:21–26 within Its Proper Context – Michael Azar: The Law and New Life in Rom 7:1–6: Eastern-Western Dialogue and RomansJames Buchanan Wallace: Identities at Risk: The »New Perspective on Paul« and Eastern Orthodox Interpretation of Rom 8:14–17; 28–30

Part III: Beyond Old and New, Beyond East and West
Michael J. Gorman: Reading Gal 2:15–21 Theologically Beyond Old and New, Beyond West and East – Athanasios Despotis: Beyond Theological Arguments. The Ethics of Love and Coming to Faith in Paul – Rikard Roitto: Paul's Theological Language of Salvation as Social and Embodied Cognition

Athanasios Despotis Born 1979; studied Theology and Classical Philology at the University of Athens; 2006 PhD; 2012 Habilitation at the University of Bonn; since 2014 Heisenberg Fellowship at the University of Bonn.


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