Pathos und Polis

Einsatz und Wirkung von Emotionen im klassischen Griechenland
Herausgegeben von Viktoria Räuchle, Sven Page und Vibeke Goldbeck
[Pathos and Polis. Use and Effect of Emotions in Classical Greece.]
2022. VIII, 324 pages.
DOI 10.1628/978-3-16-161424-8
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Published in German.
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In the Classical polis, emotions were not exclusively considered to be disruptive factors jeopardizing the social harmony. They were regarded as indispensable tools to internalize the collective norms and values – and thus ultimately helped strengthening the community. This volume illuminates the pragmatics of emotions in ancient Greek communities of the Classical era from an interdisciplinary perspective.

Emotions in Antiquity (EmAnt)