Steffi Fabricius

Pauline Hamartiology: Conceptualisation and Transferences

Positioning Cognitive Semantic Theory and Method within Theology

[Paulinische Hamartiologie: Konzeptualisierung und Übertragungen. Kognitiv-semantische Theorie und Methodik in der Theologie.]

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Published in English.
The understanding of Pauline sin as an action, a personification, and as a power is overturned by the application of cognitive semantic theories. In this work, Steffi Fabricius reveals a metaphoric-ontological thinking of Paul which conveys the ontological effectivity and actuality of metaphors.
Steffi Fabricius approaches Pauline hamartiology from a cognitive semantic perspective and combines the conventional views on Paul's understanding of hamartia as an action, a personification, and as a power into a conceptual metaphorical network. By using the theories of conceptual metaphors and blending on biblical texts and their hermeneutical interpretation regarding fundamental-theological issues, a discussion is opened on why traditional methods are insufficient to cover hamartia extensively. The author not only reveals a revised concept of Pauline hamartia, but more importantly aims at a theological evaluation of cognitive semantics and its ontological foundation of embodied realism via relational ontology and the concept of metaphor as transfer, hoping to broaden the interdisciplinary discourse between systematic theology and cognitive linguistics.

Steffi Fabricius Born 1985; studied Protestant Theology and English at the Technical University Dortmund, Germany; worked as a research assistant at the English Linguistics Department at the TU Dortmund; 2017 PhD in Systematic Theology at TU Dortmund University; currently working as a free-lance lecturer at several universities and as a teacher in Religious Education and English.


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