Joseph Longarino

Pauline Theology and the Problem of Death

[Paulinische Theologie und das Problem des Todes.]

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The apostle Paul gives insight into one of the fundamental questions of human existence: Why do we die? Joseph Longarino examines Paul's convictions about God, Jesus, humanity, and creation, which reveal that the mortal condition is significant for the formation of human beings in solidarity and faith, hope, and love.
Joseph Longarino addresses a long-standing but rarely discussed problem in Pauline studies: Given Paul's understanding of how God has acted in Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit to overcome death, how do we explain the ongoing existence of death? Through an examination of the Pauline letters, particularly Romans, the author offers two interrelated explanations, one causal and the other teleological. From the causal perspective, he argues that sin in the form of the sinful passions remains connected to the body even of Christians, which allows sin to exercise an ongoing corrupting influence on the body. From the teleological angle, the author contends that God uses mortality to deepen the divine-human and interpersonal relationships.

Joseph Longarino Born 1987; BA at the University of Virginia; MDiv at Duke Divinity School; PhD from the Duke Graduate Program in Religion; recently visiting scholar at University of Heidelberg.


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