Shiv Lun Shum

Paul's Use of Isaiah in Romans

A Comparative Study of Paul's Letter to the Romans and the Sibylline an Qumran Sectavian Texts

[Paulus' Verwendung von Jesaja im Römerbrief. Eine Untersuchung der Quellen im Vergleich mit sibyllinischen Weissagungen und Texte der Sekte von Qumran. Von Shiu-Lun Shum.]

unrevised e-book edition 2019; Original edition 2002; 2002. XII, 321 pages.

Wissenschaftliche Untersuchungen zum Neuen Testament 2. Reihe 156

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Shiu-Lun Shum examines how Paul, the Sibyls and the Qumranites showed great concerns about Israel's fate by using material from Isaiah'' sayings. He analyzes how Isaiah provided them with a wealth of vocabulary and concepts for their theological formulations.
Shiu-Lun Shum studies Paul's use of the Isaianic tradition in Romans in comparison to those of the Jewish Sibyls and the Qumranites. The comparison helps to underscore the distinctive characteristics of the Apostle's use of this tradition. The author shows that Paul, along with the Sibyls and the Qumranites, expressed a deep concern about Israel's future in utilizing the Isaianic materials. Methodically, this study also exposes the precariousness of the notion of »intertextuality« in relation to biblical studies.

Shiv Lun Shum Born 1962; Graduation from Hong Kong Polytechnic, Evangelical Theological College, Regent College and Glasgow University (Ph.D.); currently working as a freelance Bible translator and editor.


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