Lyn M. Kidson

Persuading Shipwrecked Men

The Rhetorical Strategies of 1 Timothy 1

[Wie man schiffbrüchige Männer überzeugt. Die rhetorischen Strategien in 1 Timotheus 1.]

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In this work, Lyn M. Kidson moves away from the traditional interpretation of 1 Timothy as a church manual and argues that the coordinating purpose of the letter is to command »certain men (and women)« not to teach an educational program that is being promoted by factional leaders Hymenaeus and Alexander.
The plain-spoken rhetorical style of 1 Timothy belies a tension that simmers beneath the surface of the letter. This tension had already erupted in the removal of Hymenaeus and Alexander. Those who are addressed in the letter are warned that they may be heading toward the same catastrophic failure, shipwrecking their faith. This, according to Lyn M. Kidson, is the primary purpose of 1 Timothy. With particular focus on 1 Timothy 1, the author moves away from seeing the letter as a church manual; instead, she argues that its purpose is to command »certain men (and women)« not to teach the other educational program promoted by Hymenaeus and Alexander. This fresh approach to the interpretation of 1 Timothy 1 identifies the use of an ethical digression, which holds the seemingly divergent materials of the letter together.

Lyn M. Kidson Born 1964; 1993 BA; 2004 MDiv; 2013 MA; 2018 PhD in Ancient History; since 2018 Lecturer in New Testament, Alphacrucis College, Sydney.


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