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John R. Markley

Peter – Apocalyptic Seer

The Influence of the Apocalypse Genre on Matthew's Portrayal of Peter

[Petrus – ein apokalyptischer Seher. Der Einfluss des Apokalypsegenre auf Matthäus' Darstellung des Petrus.]

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How was Matthew's portrayal of Peter shaped by the apocalypse genre? The results in this study suggest that Matthew conceived of Peter as more than just a disciple or example of discipleship, but as an exclusive recipient of revelation from Jesus and about Jesus.
In this study, John R. Markley argues that the generic portrayal of apocalyptic seers, which he reconstructs through an analysis of fourteen Jewish and Christian apocalypses, shaped Matthew's portrayal of Peter. This influence of the apocalypse genre has come to bear on the Matthean Peter indirectly, through Matthew's appropriation of Markan and Q source material, and directly, through Matthew's redaction and special material. This suggests that Matthew has portrayed Peter, in part, as an apocalyptic seer who was an exclusive recipient of mysteries about Jesus and mysteries mediated by Jesus. In other words, Matthew primarily conceived of Peter as a recipient of revelation, analogously to the venerated seers portrayed in the apocalypses of the Second Temple period. Markley states that these conclusions require substantial revision to the predominant scholarly estimations of the Matthean Peter, which mainly hold him to be a typical or exemplary disciple.

John R. Markley Born 1978; 2002 BS from Liberty University in Lynchburg; 2007 MDiv from Liberty Baptist Theological Seminary in Lynchburg; 2009 MA from Wheaton College Graduate School; 2012 PhD from University of Edinburgh.


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