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Peter Pilhofer


Band 2: Katalog der Inschriften von Philippi

[Philippi. Volume II: Catalogue of the Philippi Inscriptions. Second, revised and expanded edition.]

2nd, revised and supplemented edition; 2009. XXVII, 1196 pages.

Wissenschaftliche Untersuchungen zum Neuen Testament 119

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Published in German.
»... a major milestone in the study of Philippi, which evokes unstinting admiration for the labour of love that has brought it to completion.«

Markus Bockmuehl in Journal of Theological Studies 53/1 (2002), p. 244
»His collection is essential for anyone doing research on the religious, social, economic, or church history of that ancient city, which was so important to Pauline mission, for since the 1930s inscriptions from Philippi have been published more or less individually in more or less obscure publication. Now all are accessible in one collection, a must-buy for academic libraries with holdings in Roman and early Christian works.«

Leonard L. Thompson in The Catholic Biblical Quarterly 64 (2002), p. 590

Peter Pilhofer Geboren 1955; 1989 Promotion; 1994 Habilitation; Professor für Neues Testament an der Universität Erlangen.


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