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Philology and Textual Criticism

Proceedings of the Second International Colloquium of the Dominique Barthélemy Institute held at Fribourg on 10–11 October, 2013
Edited by Innocent Himbaza and Jan Joosten

[Philologie und Textkritik. Ergebnisse des zweiten internationalen Kolloquiums des Dominique Barthélemy Instituts in Freiburg von 10.-11. Oktober 2013.]

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The contributors of this volume discuss questions that arise regarding the connection between philology and textual criticism: How can philological study guide the textual critic and how does textual criticism come to the aid of the philologist? Can philology justify conjectural emendations, and, if so, on what conditions? Do philological hypotheses have a place in a text-critical apparatus or commentary? In addition to the theoretical discussion, the contributions analyze case studies that further illustrate the principles at issue.
The objective of the present volume is to put the connection between philology and textual criticism on the agenda once again. It addresses such questions as in what way philological study guides the textual critic and how textual criticism comes to the aid of the philologist; whether philology and textual criticism are necessarily linked, or the connections between them merely accidental; whether philology can justify conjectural emendations, and, if so, on what conditions; and inquires after the place of philological hypotheses in a text-critical apparatus or commentary. The contributors discuss these theoretical questions and analyze case studies illustrating the principles at issue.
Survey of contents
Richard D. Weis: The Intersection of Philology and Textual Criticism in Biblia Hebraica Quinta. Background, Theory, and Practice – Abraham Tal: Some Reflections on the Textual Traditions of the Samaritan Pentateuch – Jan Joosten: Post-Biblical Hebrew as a Controlling Factor in the Arbitration between Variant Readings – Viktor Golinets: Considerations on Questions Philology Cannot Solv e While Reconstructing the Text of the Hebrew Bible – Andrés Piquer Otero: Between the Archaic and the Literary. The 'Narrative' Infinitive Clause in the Text(s) of the Bible – Adrian Schenker: L'incidence de la critique textuelle sur le lexique hébreu biblique. Les cas de שָׁלםֵ , Gn 33,18; והְחֶ רֱִים , Is 11,15; 1 ,ח רְֶמיִ R 20,42 – Noam Mizrahi: Text, Language, and Legal Interpretation. The Case of Exod 12:9 – Innocent Himbaza: Textual Readings and Challenge of Biblical Philology. Some Cases in Isaiah and Leviticus

Innocent Himbaza Born 1965; Titular Professor of Hebrew Bible/Old Testament and Hebrew, University of Fribourg, Switzerland.

Jan Joosten Born 1959; Regius Professor of Hebrew, University of Oxford; Student of Christ Church.


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