Philosophy of Religion after »Religion«

Edited by Michael Ch. Rodgers and Richard Amesbury

[Religionsphilosophie nach »Religion".]

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Recent historical study shows that we did not always imagine religion in the way we often do today – as a special domain of life or society. The present volume seeks to move the philosophical study of religion beyond the limits of our modern understanding of what counts as »religion.«
Long framed in terms of Christian and secularist concerns, the field of philosophy of religion has recently been attempting to expand to include a wider, more diverse variety of religious phenomena. At the same time, a growing body of literature within religious studies has called attention to the historical genealogy and limitations of the category of »religion.« If »religion« is itself a modern, secular extrapolation from Christian understandings, disseminated globally through colonial encounter, does the apparently more capacious approach to philosophy of religion simply reproduce the deficiencies of the old under the guise of a false universal? The present volumeseeks to move the field in the direction of a reflexive turn, toward an examination of the philosophical implications of the concept of »religion."
Survey of contents
Richard Amesbury: Introduction: Making the Reflexive Turn in Philosophy of Religion – Sonia Sikka: »Religion« under Erasure: Why the Concept is Problematic and Why We Still Need It – Timothy D. Knepper: Why Philosophers of Religion Don't Need »Religion« – at least not for now – Dwayne Tunstall: An Essentialist in Critical Religion Land, Or, How Fitzgerald's Deconstructive Genealogy of Religion Is Compatible with an Essentialist Concept of Religion – J. Aaron Simmons: Vagueness and Its Virtues: A Proposal for Renewing Philosophy of Religion – Vincent Lloyd: Race and the Philosophy of Religion – Jin Y. Park: Nothingness and Self Transformation: Kim Iryŏp, Tanabe Hajime, and Jacques Derrida on Religious Practice – Robert Cummings Neville: Whether Religion Is a Proper Subject of Study

Michael Ch. Rodgers is Senior Research Advisor and Higher Education Consultant at Hanover Research in Washington, D.C.

Richard Amesbury is Professor of Religious Studies and of Philosophy and Director of the School of Historical, Philosophical and Religious Studies at Arizona State University.


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