Plädoyer für Gott 978-3-16-160788-2 - Mohr Siebeck

Karen Armstrong

Plädoyer für Gott

Hrsg. v. Friedrich Schweitzer. Übers. v. Shivaun Heath u. Claudia Rothenberger

[The Case for God.]

2010. 108 pages.

Lucas-Preis 2009

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ISBN 978-3-16-160788-2
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Published in German.
In the modern period, the conception of religion in the West changed and became problematic. In the past, people knew that faith is a practical not a notional discipline and has little to do with accepting creedal doctrines; unless these doctrines are translated into compassionate action that enable us to break out of the prison of selfishness, they remain incomprehensible and incredible.
In the modern period, the conception of religion in the West changed and became problematic.
Theology is not providing us with explanations but inviting us to penetrate the transcendence that we call God and is beyond our understanding; our doctrines are not providing us with information about the divine but are essentially programmes for action, calling in particular for kenosis (self-emptying) and compassion (the ability to experience the other and dethrone ourselves from the centre of our world). Unless the mythoi of religion are translated into ritual or ethical compassionate action, they remain incomprehensible and opaque. Today we tend to read our scriptures with a literalism that is without parallel in the history of religion and this has made faith problematic for many; in the past, for example, nobody understood the first chapter of Genesis as a literal account of the origins of life.

Karen Armstrong Geboren 1944; 2008Four Freedoms Medal for Freedom of Worshipdes Franklin & Eleanor Roosevelt Institute; 2009Award for promoting interreligious understandingvom Common Ground Institute; Beraterin des British Museum und Mitglied der Royal Society of Literature in London.

Friedrich Schweitzer Geboren 1954; seit 1995 Professor für Praktische Theologie in Tübingen.

Shivaun Heath No current data available.

Claudia Rothenberger No current data available.


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