Domenico Lo Sardo

Post-Priestly Additions and Rewritings in Exodus 35–40

An Analysis of MT, LXX, and Vetus Latina

[Nach-priesterliche Ergänzungen und Neuschreibungen in Exodus 35–40. Eine Analyse von MT, LXX und Vetus Latina.]

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The textual and literary nature of the Tabernacle section in MT Exodus 35–40 is complex. In this work, Domenico Lo Sardo argues for the priority of the Hebrew Vorlage behind the Vetus Latina and the Masoretic Text pointing to legitimate the centralization of the Jerusalem Temple with the expansion of Exodus 36:8b-34.
In this study, Domenico Lo Sardo shows that the section of MT Exod 35–40 dedicated to the construction of the Tabernacle involves textual and literary problems. It has different textual forms according to MT, LXX, and Vetus Latina (Monacensis ms): LXX Exod 35–40 shows a different order of the literary material and its extension is shorter than the MT. One of the most important differences is the absence of MT Exod 36:8b-34 in the LXX. The Monacensis ms is even shorter than the Greek text. In a text-critical analysis, the author demonstrates that the 'Short Hebrew Vorlag e' behind the Latin manuscript is the oldest text. In the MT there was post-priestly editorial work marked by expansions, rewritings, and reinterpretations. Employing literary criticism, the author proves that with the expansion of Exod 36:8b-34 and the stressed use of the term miškān (Tabernacle), MT points to legitimate the centralization of the Jerusalem Temple.

Domenico Lo Sardo Born 1978; 2009 B.S. from the Theology Faculty of Sicily (Palermo); 2013 S.S.L. from the Pontifical Biblical Institute (Rome); 2018 S.S.D. from the Pontifical Biblical Institute; since 2018 Visiting Professor at the Franciscan Institute of Spirituality of the Pontifical University of Antonianum (Rome).


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