Proclaiming the Judge of the Living and the Dead 978-3-16-156903-6 - Mohr Siebeck

Kai Akagi

Proclaiming the Judge of the Living and the Dead

The Christological Significance of Judgement in Acts 10 and 17

[Die Verkündigung des Richters der Lebenden und der Toten. Zur christologischen Bedeutung des Urteilsspruchs in Apg 10 und 17.]

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Kai Akagi considers what the speeches in Acts 10 and 17 say about Jesus when they speak of him as a judge. This historical and literary study reveals that Jesus' role as a judge both suggests that he judges with divine authority and expresses his identity as Jewish messiah.
Kai Akagi considers the christological significance of Jesus' role in judgement in the speeches in Acts 10:34–43 and 17:22–31. Reading these speeches as part of the narrative of Luke-Acts with attention to scriptural use and influence, along with extended analysis of judgment figures in Jewish pseudepigraphal and Qumran literature, reveals that the scope of Jesus' judgment and the use of scriptural patterns in the speeches suggest his divine authority by associating him with God's final judgment at the resurrection. At the same time, his judgment identifies him as the appointed human messiah whom the speeches proclaim. While further tracing the contours and characteristics of messianism and mediatorial figures in Judaism contemporary with the beginnings of Christianity and the New Testament texts, this volume integrates study of the speeches in Acts, Lukan theology, early christology, and scriptural use and influence, whether direct and through the shaping of collective cultural knowledge.

Kai Akagi Born 1987; 2017 PhD in New Testament from the University of St Andrews, UK); 2017 Adjunct Instructor in Biblical Studies at The Master's University, Santa Clarita, California, USA; since 2018 Independent Researcher and Missionary.


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