Prophecy and Hellenism

Edited by Hannes Bezzel and Stefan Pfeiffer

[Prophetie und Hellenismus.]

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The contributions to the present volume provide case studies for the role of and reflection upon prophecy and divination in the Hellenistic world after the conquests of Alexander the Great. Documents from Alexandria, biblical books, and Cicero's writings are presented and opened up to interdisciplinary discussion.
This volume contains papers read at the seventh meeting of the Aberdeen Prophecy Network, an interdisciplinary symposium held in June 2018 in Jena. From the points of view of Classical and Old Testament/Hebrew Bible studies, the contributions ask how phenomena of divination and concepts of prophecy were understood in the Mediterranean oecumene after the conquests of Alexander the Great.
Survey of contents
Hannes Bezzel/Stefan Pfeiffer: Introduction – Stefan Pfeiffer: Predictions on the Rise and Fall of Alexandria – Meinolf Vielberg: Philosophy and Religion in Cicero's Dialogue De DivinationeA. Graeme Auld: 'Divination' in Hebrew and Greek Bibles: A Text-historical Overview – Pancratius C. Beentjes: Ben Sira and his Grandson on Prophets and Prophecy – Uwe Becker: Gibt es ein hellenistisches Jesajabuch? – Andreas Schüle: Third Isaiah: What's so Greek about it? – Lena-Sofia Tiemeyer: What can Isaiah 24–27, Ezekiel 38–39 and Zechariah 9–14 teach us about Late Persian / Early Hellenistic Scribal Practices? – Hannes Bezzel: Prophecy Concerning 'Foreign Nations' in the Hellenistic Period? Zech 9 as a Test Case – Corinna Körting: Is Malachi among the Prophets? – Jutta Noetzel: Prophetie als inspirierte Schriftauslegung. Mal 2,10–16 – eine Deutung der Jakobgeschichte im Kontext der Frage interreligiöser Ehen – Joachim Schaper: The Collective Rule of the Righteous in Hellenistic Jewish Prophecy

Hannes Bezzel Born 1975; 2007 Dr. theol. (Göttingen); 2014 Habilitation (Jena); since 2015 Professor of Old Testament at Friedrich Schiller University Jena.

Stefan Pfeiffer Born 1974; 2004 Dr. phil.; 2007 Habilitation; 2010 Professor of Antiquity and Europe at Chemnitz University of Technology; since 2013 Professor of Ancient History at Martin Luther University Halle-Wittenberg.


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