Peter A. Heasley

Prophetic Polyphony

Allusion Criticism of Isa 41,8–16.17–20; 43,1–7; 44,1–5 in a Dialogical Approach

[Prophetische Polyphonie. Anspielungskritik bei Jes 41,8–16,17–20; 43,1–7; 44,1–5 in einem dialogischen Ansatz.]

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In this work, Peter A. Heasley demonstrates the allusive presence of the psalms in the prophecy of Isaiah, and through an interpretative approach influenced by Mikhail Bakhtin shows how the presence of the psalms shapes the relationship of the prophetic author and reader.
Uniting the study of allusion with that of literary form in a prophetic book, Peter A. Heasley treats three passages long compared in form criticism and overlooked in allusion studies: Isa 41,8–16.17–20, 43,1–7, and 44,1–5. Through the specific method of allusion criticism that he develops, he demonstrates how the author of these Salvation Oracles composes them using the stylistic patterns of the very passages to which they allude. This helps identify many new inner-biblical allusions, especially to the Psalms of Lament, Psalms of Praise, and Historical Hymns. The author brings these exegetical findings into an interpretative approach to form adapted from Bakhtinian dialogism, especially in its distinction between compositional form and architectonic form.

Peter A. Heasley Born 1979; 2002 B.Arch; 2019 S.T.D.; currently Administrator of Saint Michael the Archangel Church in Bronx, New York and Adjunct Professor of Scripture at Saint Joseph's Seminary in Yonkers, New York.


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