Prophets and Prophecy in Jewish and Early Christian Literature 978-3-16-150338-2 - Mohr Siebeck

Prophets and Prophecy in Jewish and Early Christian Literature

Ed. by Joseph Verheyden, Korinna Zamfir and Tobias Nicklas

[Propheten und Prophetie in der jüdischen und frühchristlichen Literatur.]

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The volume offers a collection of essays on various aspects of prophetism and prophetic literature in Jewish and early Christian tradition.
This volume grew out of an international conference on Prophetism in the Old and New Testament (October 2006), organised by the Centre for Biblical Studies of the Babes-Bolyai University Cluj-Napoca. The volume contains fourteen essays covering various aspects of prophetism and prophetic literature in Jewish and early Christian tradition, using a variety of methods and approaches. Special attention was given to the figures of Samuel (W. Dietrich, J. Klein) and Isaiah (B. Doyle), the development of prophetism in the early church (U. Luz), Paul as a prophet (T. Nicklas) and prophets in deutero-Pauline literature (H. Klein), the reception of prophetic traditions in the synoptic gospels (P. Foster, K. Zamfir, J. Verheyden) and in the Johannine literature (U. von Wahlde, B. Kowalski, S. Martian), the Apostolic Fathers (C.N. Jefford) and the Sybilline Oracles (R. Buitenwerf).

Tobias Nicklas Born 1967; 2000 Promotion; 2004 Habilitation; since 2007 Professor of New Testament at Universität Regensburg (Germany); Research Associate at the Department of New Testament, University of the Free State, Bloemfontein (South Africa); since 2018 Director of the Centre for Advanced Studies »Beyond Canon«, Universität Regensburg (Germany); since 2019 Adjunct Ordinary Professor at the Catholic University of America (Washington, District of Columbia, USA).

Joseph Verheyden is Professor of New Testament at the Faculty of Theology and Religious Studies at the KU Leuven, and Research Associate at NWU, Potchefstroom (South Africa).

Korinna Zamfir is Associate Professor of Biblical Studies at the Babeş-Bolyai University Cluj.


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