Psalterspiel 978-3-16-150119-7 - Mohr Siebeck

Günter Bader


Skizze einer Theologie des Psalters

[The Psalter Interplay. Outline of Theology of the Psalter.]

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ISBN 978-3-16-150119-7
Published in German.
Günter Bader outlines a Psalter theology by examining the iconography, music and poetics which have left their mark on the figurative, musical and poetic elements of the language in Psalms.
In Luther's preface to the Psalter, in which he praises the Psalter overall as the book of books, an old tradition lingered on. This tradition has died out, and the more recent reference to the Psalms appears epigonic. There are, however, dissenting voices. The textualization of the Psalms has resulted in a Psalter theology, its decline has led to different Psalter styles, and in view of its imminent disappearance, the Psalter arts, iconography, music and poetics illustrate the fact that even if the Psalms ceased to exist, nevertheless they cannot not be (§§1–3). The outline of a Psalter theology provides an answer to this problem. Iconography, music and poetics have left their mark on the figurative, musical and poetic elements of the language in Psalms (§§ 4.6.8) and conversely when examined in view of their own language, the language of images, the language of music and the language of language (§§5.7.9), they become a complete unmistakeable memory trail. And it is when these forms of art interact that the Psalter comes into being.

Günter Bader Geboren 1943; 1973 Dr. theol.; 1979 Habilitation für Systematische Theologie; 1986 Titularprofessor in Zürich; seit 1995 Professor für Systematische Theologie in Bonn; seit 2008 Professor em., Pfarrer i.R.


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