Purity, Holiness, and Identity in Judaism and Christianity

Essays in Memory of Susan Haber
Ed. by Carl S. Ehrlich, Anders Runesson and Eileen Schuller

[Reinheit, Heiligkeit und Identität in Judentum und Christentum. Aufsätze in Erinnerung an Susan Haber.]

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This collection of essays deals with matters of central concern to the theologies of Judaism and Christianity: purity, holiness, and identity. The juxtaposition of these essays should foster interreligious debate and dialog.
Susan Haber (1957–2006) was a graduate of York University (B.A.) and McMaster University (M.A.). At the time of her death, she was working on a doctorate from McMaster University, having already published articles on the Hebrew Bible, early Judaism, and early Christianity. The present volume consists of contributions in fields central to her own interests by her teachers, friends, and colleagues in memory of a brilliant scholar. The essays deal with issues of central concern to the theologies of Judaism and Christianity: purity, holiness, and identity. In the first part of this volume the former two topics within the context of the Hebrew Bible are introduced. The second part deals with all three within late Second Temple and early Rabbinic Judaism, as well as in the Christianity of the first three centuries C.E. The last part examines the subject matter of the volume within the context of medieval and modern Judaism, as well as in contemporary Christianity. Although it is not necessarily explicitly stated, the juxtaposition of these essays dealing with areas of mutual theological concern to Judaism and Christianity implicitly lays the groundwork for interreligious dialog and understanding.
Survey of contents
Preface David Seed: Susan Haber: A Brief Biography and Appreciation Part I: Ancient Israel Baruch J. Schwartz: MIQRA' QODEŠ and the Structure of Leviticus 23 – Eric Grossman: Everyman's Judgment Cometh From The LORD: Popular Perception of the Primary Purpose of the Cult – Ehud Ben Zvi: Purity Matters in the Book of Chronicles: A Kind of Prolegomenon Part II: Classical Antiquity Cecilia Wassen: Do You Have to Be Pure in a Metaphorical Temple? Sanctuary Metaphors and Construction of Sacred Space in the Dead Sea Scrolls and Paul's Letters – Stephen Westerholm: Is Nothing Sacred? Holiness in the Writings of Paul – Adele Reinhartz: The Temple Cleansing and the Death of Jesus – Thomas Kazen: Jesus and the Zavah: Implications for Interpreting Mark – Anders Runesson: Purity, Holiness, and the Kingdom of Heaven in Matthew's Narrative World – Steve Mason: Pollution and Purification in Josephus's Judean War – Philip Harland: »The days seemed like years«: Thessalos Prepares to Encounter the God Asklepios – Lily Vuong: The Impact of Social and Economic Status on the Experience of Martyrdom: A Case Study of Perpetua and Felicitas Part III: The Mediaeval and Modern Periods Martin I. Lockshin: Is Holiness Contagious? – Yedida Eisenstadt: Sanctification and Shame: Bialik's In the City of Slaughter in Light of Leviticus and Ezekiel – Eileen Schuller: Biblical Texts about Purity in Contemporary Christian Lectionaries

Carl S. Ehrlich Born 1956; 1991 PhD, Harvard University; since 1996 Professor of Hebrew Bible in the Department of Humanities at York University, Canada.

Anders Runesson Born 1968; 2001 PhD; 2002 Docent, Lund University; 2003–15 Professor of Early Christianity and Early Judaism, McMaster University, Canada; since 2015 Professor of New Testament in the Faculty of Theology at the University of Oslo, Norway.

Eileen Schuller Born 1946; 1984 PhD, Harvard University; since 1990 Professor of Early Judaism in the Department of Religious Studies, McMaster University, Canada.


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