Radical Philosophy of Life 978-3-16-159868-5 - Mohr Siebeck

Ernst Baasland

Radical Philosophy of Life

Studies on the Sermon on the Mount

[Eine radikale Philosophie des Lebens. Studien zur Bergpredigt.]

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ISBN 978-3-16-159868-5
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What was the relation between influence and interpretation of the Sermon on the Mount? In this study, Ernst Baasland deals with this and other crucial questions and sheds new light on its history of research and a number of historical, ethical and theological issues, ending with the theory of the Sermon on the Mount as a philosophy of life.
The Sermon on the Mount never ceases to challenge readers in every generation. New methods and new insights into new surroundings have to be applied to the most influential speech ever given. In this study, Ernst Baasland takes a fresh look at the history of research done on it, both on its broad influence and on the variety of interpretations. The historical questions are seen from new perspectives. Is orality the key to a better understanding? To what extent can we reconstruct a pre-text and the question of authenticity be answered? These questions are seen through historiographical lenses. The author argues in favour of a universal addressee and maintains that the speech contains radical philosophical thinking. The first audience consisted of Jews, and the religiously based understanding of life is conceived within Judaism. However, its ethics of wisdom is developed in a Hellenistic setting and provides a radical philosophy of life.

Ernst Baasland Born 1945; since 1971 lecturer, since 1981 professor at MF Norwegian School of Theology in Oslo; 1990–93 dean of the faculty; 1986 guest professor in Tübingen, 1994 in Princeton and 1997–98 in Hong Kong; 1998–2009 bishop in Stavanger; since retirement 2009 guest lecturer in Stellenbosch, SA and 2010 in Berlin; since 2011 affiliated to MF Norwegian School of Theology and School of Mission and Theology, Stavanger.


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