Re-Making the World: Christianity and Categories

Essays in Honor of Karen L. King
Edited by Taylor G. Petrey. Associate Editors: Carly Daniel-Hughes, Benjamin H. Dunning, AnneMarie Luijendijk, and Laura S. Nasrallah

[Die Wiedererschaffung der Welt. Christentum und Kategorien: Aufsätze zu Ehren von Karen L. King.]

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This edited volume brings together important scholars of religion in the ancient world to honor the impact of Karen L. King's scholarship in this field. These essays investigate scholarly categories, the place of women and gender, and the modern scholarship that has shaped this field.
This edited volume brings together important scholars of religion in the ancient world to honor the impact of Karen L. King's scholarship in this field. Her work shows that Christianity was diverse from its first moments – even before the word »Christian« was coined – and insists that scholars must engage both in deep historical work and in ethical reflection. These essays honor King's intellectual impact by further investigating the categories that scholars have used in their reconstructions of religion, by reflecting on the place of women and gender in the analysis of ancient texts, and by providing historiographical interventions that illuminate both the ancient world and the modern scholarship that has shaped our field.
Survey of contents
Benjamin H. Dunning/Laura S. Nasrallah: Introduction

I. Categories
Daniel Boyarin: Mark 7:1–23-Finally – Elaine Pagels: How John of Patmos' Readers Made Him into a Christian – T. Christopher Hoklotubbe: What is Docetism – Giovanni B. Bazzana: Beyond »Gnosticism«: Pneumatology and Ecclesiology in 2 Clem 14 – Judith Hartenstein: The Designation »Gnostic« for the Gospel of Mary and Its Implications: A Critical Evaluation – Marcie Lenk: Parted Ways Meet Again: Messianic Judaism in Israel – Sarah Sentilles: As If the Way We Think about the World is the Way the World Is

II. Women and Gender
Carly Daniel-Hughes: Mary Magdalene and the Fantasy Echo: Reflections on the Feminist Historiography of Early Christianity – Adele Reinhartz: Wise Women in the Gospel of John – Angela Standhartinger: Performing Salvation: The Therapeutrides and Job's Daughters in Context – Margaret Butterfield: The Widow, the Wife, and the Priestess: Tertullian's Life Plans for Widows in Ad uxoremSilke Petersen: Marriages, Unions, and Bridal Chambers in the Gospel of Philip – Taylor G. Petrey: Cosmic Gender: Valentinianism and Contested Accounts of Sexual Difference – Ronit Irshai: Feminist Research in Jewish Studies: What's in a Name?

III. Historiography
Elisabeth Schüssler Fiorenza: Re-Visioning »Christian« Beginnings – Stanley Stowers: Locating the Religion of Associations – Carlin Barton: A Roman Historian Looking at Early Christian religiones: the coniuratio and the sacramentum in Second and Early Third-century North Africa – Denise Kimber Buell: This Changes Everything: Spiritualists, Theosophists, and Rethinking Early Christian Historiography – Bernadette Brooten: Courage, Betrayal, and the Roman State: Persons Enslaved to Christians in the Persecution at Lyons (177 CE) – AnneMarie Luijendijk: The Gospel of Mary at Oxyrhynchus (P.Oxy. L 3525 and P.Ryl. III 463): Rethinking the History of Early Christianity through Literary Papyri from Oxyrhynchus

Taylor G. Petrey is an associate professor of religion at Kalamazoo College. He holds a ThD and MTS from Harvard Divinity School.

Carly Daniel-Hughes is an associate professor of religions and cultures at Concordia University. She holds a ThD and MDiv from Harvard Divinity School.

Benjamin Dunning is a professor of theology at Fordham University. He holds a PhD from Harvard University.

AnneMarie Luijendijk Born 1968; 2006–12 Assistant Professor, 2012–14 Associate Professor and since 2014 Professor of Religion, Princeton University, Department of Religion.

Laura S. Nasrallah Born 1969; 2003–19 Professor of New Testament and Early Christianity at Harvard University; since 2019 Buckingham Professor of New Testament Criticism and Interpretation at Yale Divinity School and Yale University Department of Religious Studies.


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